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I have just installed [[http://wiki.splitbrain.org/wiki:dokuwiki|DokuWiki]] and the strangely named [[http://www.ezpdo.net/blog/?p=26|dwBliki]] plugin that makes DokuWiki a WordPress plugin. As I have no idea how a bliki is supposed to work, I’m creating this wiki page to find out what happens.

Ackk… This creates a backdoor into the login system of the blog — Anyone can create a wiki page and it creates a blog entry. I’ll have to fiddle with the DokuWiki’s ACL system and see what makes sense.

This brings up the question of what a bliki ought to do… If a blog is a journal authored by one person to which people can add comments or trackbacks, and a wiki is a web site with communally authored pages, then how do wiki pages map onto things on a blog? Can each wiki page have an “owner” who is the original author, and on whose blog the page is placed? I guess I’ll bring this up on the dwBliki blog. (Or maybe my link to it has caused a trackback already).

Well, I’ve managed to get DokuWiki to use the user names and passwords from the WordPress MySQL database. All it took was the proper configuration entries in DokuWiki’s local.php file. I’ll document the details in a later entry. Someone suggested that the problem of multiple blog users of one wiki could be solved by mapping DokuWiki namespaces to user blogs. This brings up the further issues of how to support multiple bloggers in one installation of WordPress. I’ll go into that, with some links, in that future entry.

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  1. Hi, I know this entry is quite old but I was wondering if you ever documented how you integrated dokuwiki to use the username and passwords from wordpress? I’d like to do the same thing and was hoping someone had achieved it already.


  2. Mark, I haven’t done anything with this since I posted that entry, but I did say that I did it just through changing local.php, so here is what I have in local.php in case that is all you need to get it to work. Note that the MySQL database that is specified is the one that the WordPress installation uses. I have of course changed the actual details of MySQL server, database name, and login info, and this whole thing is bracket by the start and end of php brackets:

    $conf['umask']       = 0177;              //set the umask for new files
    $conf['dmask']       = 0022;              //directory mask accordingly
    $conf['title']       = "Sidney's DokuWiki";        //what to show in the title
    $conf['useacl']      = 1;                //Use Access Control Lists to restrict access?
    $conf['openregister']= 0;                //Should users to be allowed to register?
    $conf['authtype']    = 'mysql';          //which authentication DB should be used (currently plain only)
    $conf['auth']['mysql']['server'] = 'MYSQL.SERVER.NAME';
    $conf['auth']['mysql']['user']   = 'MYSQL_USER_NAME';
    $conf['auth']['mysql']['password'] = 'MYSQL_PASSWORD';
    $conf['auth']['mysql']['database'] = 'MYSQL_DATABASE_NAME;
    $conf['auth']['mysql']['passcheck'] = "Select user_login as login
                                            FROM wp_users
                                            WHERE user_login='%u'
                                              AND user_pass=MD5('%p')";
    $conf['auth']['mysql']['userinfo'] = "Select user_nickname as name, user_email AS email
                                            FROM wp_users
                                            WHERE user_login='%u'";
    $conf['auth']['mysql']['groups'] = "SELECT 'admin' as 'group'
                                            FROM wp_users
                                            WHERE user_level > 8
                                            AND user_login='%u'
                                            SELECT 'users' as 'group'
                                            FROM wp_users
                                            WHERE user_level < 9
                                            AND user_login='%u'";
  3. Thanks Sidney, I appreciate it.

    I kinda hacked together someting very similiar yesterday. I guess you didn’t try to get dokuwiki to login from the wordpress cookies? I’m on the verge of getting that to work… 🙂

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